Seydou Diabaté, aka Kanazoé, unleashes his technique on the balafon with a talented ensemble on Kanazoé Orkestra’s debut full-length release, Miriya. Born in Burkina Faso to a family of griots, Kanazoé started learning music from his father at the age of five. Now based in France, he and his band offer an impressive, mature record that maintains an urgency throughout.

Kanazoé provides some vocals in the Dioula language and plays a variety of balafons on the album. His group includes Zaky Diarra on lead vocals, Mamadou Dembélé on ngoni, flute, and vocals, Martin Etienne on saxophones, Stéphane Perruchet on percussion, Elvin Bironien on bass, and Laurent Planells on drums.