Born in Urbino on 21.08.66, studied Music at the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, under the guidance of Master Jannaccone Michele, graduated in “Percussion Instruments” with the highest marks and praise. He specializes in Marimba and Vibrafono, becoming one of the largest international experts. In 1979 he started improvisational studies with master Giorgio Gaslini. Soon as a student he will become a collaborator, playing with the various Gasliniane, Solar Big Band, Octet, Duo, Globo Quartet, Trio, Italy and abroad: Hungary, Jordan, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, U.S. In 1985 and 1985 he studied technique and improvisation with GARY BURTON at the Umbria Jazz courses, winning the scholarship for BOSTON’s “BERKLEY SCHOOL”, which will be delivered by the great composer ASTOR PIAZZOLLA.Studia Composition with LUIGI ABBATE , Arranging and Orchestration with GIORGIO GASLINI.

He played and collaborated with musicians of various musical excerpts: GARY BURTON, MILT JAKSON, RANDY BRECKER, AND SAINDON, ERIC MARIENTHAL, TOMMY CAMBPEL, TULLIO DE PISCOPO, TONYSCOTT, J.HELBURG, GIORGIOGASLINI, ENGHELGUALDI, CATERINACASELLI, DAVIDFO STER , GIULIANOSANGIORGI, MALIKA, Samuele Bersani, Gianni Morandi, Paola Cortellesi, ANDR EABOCELLI, JOANOTTI, MINA, Fabio Concato, M.BOSE ‘, ENZOIANNACCI, RON, Renato Zero, GIANNIe Marcella Bella, ROSSANACASALE, Lucio Dalla, STAGE, LUISAGUDO, TANITATIKARAM, CARMENC ONSOLI, Antonella Ruggiero, AVIONTRAVEL , GLORIAGAINOR, GIANLUIGITROVESI, FRANCOINTRA, FRANCO and STEFANO CERRI, BRUNO TOMMASO, GIANNI BEDORI, GIAMPIERO PRINA, GIULIO CAPIOZZO, and finally GRANDE POETA and COMPOSITOR, PAOLO CONTE, with whom it cooperates very long, very important and extremely decisive for his compositional musical formation. And it is with this orchestra, directed by PAOLO CONTE Master, who plays in the most prestigious theaters of the world. In 2007, he began collaborating as a composer, with the big animation film director, ENZO D’ALO’, and wrote the soundtrack and music, the cartoon, for RAI, then distributed all over the world, PIPI PUPU’ and ROSMARINA.